J.L. Dumas passed away … and the Birkin bag from myth became legend

It’s mourning in fashion: Saturday, May 1st Jean Louis Dumas pass away, president and artistic director of Hermès, the French luxury giant. Dumas is well known for being the inventor of mythic Birkin bag, which for over 20 years is a cult for all the Hollywood stars…and a dream for all ordinary mortals.

Birkin-diamanti1The accessory is called like the singer Jane Birkin and Dumas said that he invented the masterpiece in 1984 after a flight in the star’s company, who complained of not having a large enough chic bag. The Birkin bag was born, soon became a must timeless, a distinctive sign, a piece of style, since over 20 years  all the fashion addicted dream and go crazy for it! Today a Birkin can cost € 5,000 for the base model up to 50,000 € for the crocodile and diamond versions. To have one there are at least 6 months waiting list.

This black crocodile and diamond Birkin was sold for $ 64,800 in New York.

The celebrities can’t live without it: it’s rumored that the superfashion Victoria Beckham has a real collection, and they lost their mind for it even Oprah Winfrey, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and many more. Obviously they couldn’t idolize the Birkin even the superfashion girls of Sex and the City: remember the episode where Samantha, became the agent of the famous actress Lucy Liu, trying to buy it using her name?














Victoria Beckham with one of his many Birkin.

Of course, now that its creator has pass away, the legendary Birkin become legend and will continue to dream more and more women around the globe. Certainly the price of these masterpieces will help keep them dream and legend for many of them … unless you have a man so in love (and rich) who’s gonna buy it!  Because as Emily Gilmore in TV series Gilmore Girls says: “A man who gives you a bag is special. A man who gives you a Birkin is the prince charming.”

Hermès will soon activate his Italian online shop… in the meantime browse at Hermès website.