Kung fu Panda or Sushi Panda?








Have you ever thought of finding the n.1 Kung Fu Panda character in your dish? Well, Japanese have also done this… what better occasion to enjoy a “rock star” dish!

In the Japanese cooking sushi (寿司 / 鮨 / 鲊 sushi) is a food made of cooked rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt, combined with a filling or packing of fish, seaweed, vegetables or eggs. The filling may be raw, cooked or marinated dispersed and it can be served in a bowl of rice, rolled in a seaweed strip rice rolls or placed or inserted into a small pocket of tofu.

In Japan the word sushi refers to a wide range of foods made with rice. Outside Japan it’s often seen as raw fish or as a reference to a restricted kind of Japanese food, like maki or nigiri and sashimi (which in Japan it’s not considered sushi because is made of fresh fish).

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