Push-up bra, between history and innovation


It’s the news of the day the discovery of the first push-up bra in history in the warehouses of the London Science Museum’s, dating back to 1880. At that time, only wealthy women could afford a bra, rigorously measure. Only after its appearance in Vogue, in the early ‘900, the bra became commonly used.

Today it’s a must for every woman, symbol of femininity and seduction. From past to present today a major innovation concerns the push-up world, both loved by the “less gifted” to increase by at least one size, by the most shapely to enhance the neckline. It’s called Yamamay Upperbra, the first push-up patented without the wire. Fit, comfort and support without the wire with all the charm and push-up effect. I’ve tried it…not bad at all! And if you buy, you’ll also support the Umberto Veronesi Foundation for Research on breast cancer.