Furniture 2010: the Pop Art wins

Do you want to bring something a little retro to your home? So what about a piece of furniture in Pop Art style?!?

The perfect 2010 design triumph sees plastic, polyurethane and fiberglass in brighter colors.



Design by Philippe Starck

An innovative project chair for the wise and unprecedented combination of two aesthetic qualities. The structure is made of transparent polycarbonate, injection molded, on which were placed four attachment points that allow a pair solid, yet flexible, with the seat in polyurethane foam. Technological innovation of Mademoiselle consists in using a soft material for the session that allowed for maximum comfort and a great aesthetic value. The design is very linear and smooth, comfort is extraordinary.

Buy it online for only € 511.00! It ‘also available in black & white or pastel colors.



But not enough … .. For a touch of fun to assemble a true artist you like this wonderful library SELETTI!



Design Selab

10 modules in natural wood decorated with screen prints “Juxtapose” in contrasting styles that can be turned into endless combinations of furniture “unstructured”. It looks like a simple rectangular convenient to carry and comes with special straps and clamps to stabilize the desired structure by adding a touch of “warehouse art” in any environment. Price € 483.00