Design plate but functional

It will happen to order a simple meal at the restaurant and see the waiter coming to your table with a plate that seems straight out of the studio’s most famous designers. Large or small plates, decorated or minimal, shock colors or blacks, there are an infinite market. But almost always the most whimsical designer aesthetics point and not the actual functionality.

To stand out from everyone  Entresuelo1a.

For the first time a designer has created a series of plates that actually help the consumption of the meal.

How? Easy, look at the first image.


The deep plate was designed with a sloping edge to allow those who are enjoying the soup better pick up the last spoonful. A critical observer might consider a designed plate for the lazy, but it shall be appreciated the idea of the designer who was identified with the consumer.


Entresuelo1a, however, was not satisfied and has created another version of deep plate that has a creek. Could be used to place the spoon without running the risk this slipping soiling the tablecloth, but…


… the bravest can take advantage of this feature to speed up the acts during the meal.

How often do you have to use knife and fork to collect the whole outline in this bowl? Entresuelo1a knew this when he created that plate.


This shows once again that implicity is often rewarded.