DiaMarble… Diamond + Marble, marble diamonds

DiaMarble is a project with the aim of relaunching Marble in its entirety.

Making high quality jewels, starting with “waste”, too small pieces to be used in architecture, leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of those who working Marble since generations.

Reassess the material while allowing re-evaluate the totality of the surrounding area, famous for the conformation and the fame of the ancient quarries themselves.


At the center of all creation: the stone, undisputed protagonist of the entire production, characterized by aesthetic care and sophistication that sees its full realization in the synthesis of traditional forms.


Unique pieces, geometric shapes: spheres, boxes, right angles, which strongly opposed to human anatomy that create a fascinating magnetic contrast, made even more obvious due to the industrial process of polishing combined the finishing detail of jewelry manufactured as small works of art.

DiaMarble link technological innovation to the old Tuscan tradition, fashion to history, Made in Italy, elegance and style, exasperated formal and material research, dedicated to excellence.