The Royal Wedding Cake

On April 29th we’ll celebrate the wedding of the year, between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.


Buckingham Palace announced who will prepare the wedding cake: Fiona Cairns, a cake-designer of Leicestershire with 25 years of experience in high pastries.


A fruit cake with decks lined with white frosting and ivory. Each floor will have a special floral design.

Kate chose 16 types of flowers and leaves, each selected according to their meaning as used in the Victorian age when, through the flowers, lovers were exchanging secret messages.

Lilies (sweetness and humility), ivy (marriage bond), roses (happiness), oak leaves and acorns (strength and endurance) and a special pink (perfection and courage) in UK is called ‘Sweet William’.

And the national flowers: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock.

The official  Royal Wedding websitereveals that will be two cakes.

The second was requested by Prince William and it’s his favorite chocolate and McVitie’s biscuits cake.