Clementoni… for growing together

Game is an extremely important activity for the child through which he discovered the reality that surrounds him, interacting with people and developing creativity and imagination.

Clementoni, leader company for more than forty years and In-outlet partner, crosses all ages of game, offering a rich selection of products from educational to scientific and creative games to modern computers or the evergreen blocks, bingo and puzzles.

Must for the girls the Hello Kitty line, have a look at the Mosaic of the famous cat, a fun and imaginative activity!

Il Mosaico di Hello Kitty

And for the little ones the School Bus… isn’t adorable?

Hello Kitty School Bus

Creativity, passion and attention to quality are company’s values, and in the words of its founder and chairman Mario Clementoni: “Play is a serious thing. We should never stop playing, especially when we grow up”.