Six exclusive models by Nando Muzi for Christmas 2012

Nando Muzi introduces the new Exclusive Capsule Collection, six models,  preview of 2013 Spring/Summer Collection, all extremely elegant and refined.

A special and unique collection, where design meets charm. feminine luxury shoes, with sexy heel and preciuos luminescences in gold, bronze and silver, to shine with style at your parties.

Starting from the classic pump, sinuous and clean line, for the modern Cinderella, it becomes covered with studs for a more aggressive style, always staying sexy; the traditional suede sandals embellished with Swarovski crystals match now with modern plexiglass, creating an original and fascinating mix.

Lastly, the red suede pump, reminding of Christmas time, is combined with plexi for an astonishing nude-look with a sophisticated natural pearls embellishment.

Nando Muzi realized 6 models perfect to become absolute must-haves for the best fashionistas! Buy it  online at Nando Muzi shop!