Countdown to Winter Sales!

After Christmas festivities, another awaited date is arriving: the winter sale season is coming.

Official beginning is from 5th January, but many shop-windows are already displaying the sale posters!!!

Find out all the sale’s beginning dates in Italy:

VALLE D’AOSTA. from 3rd January until 31st March.
PIEMONTE. from 5th January, for 8 weeks.
LIGURIA. from 5th January, for 45 days.
LOMBARDIA. from 5th January, for 60 days.
VENETO. from 5th January until 28th February.
PROVINCIA DI BOLZANO. from 5th January until 16th February.
PROVINCIA DI TRENTO. Free beginning, for 60 days.
FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA. from 5th January, for 60 days.
EMILIA ROMAGNA. from 5th January, for 60 days.
TOSCANA. from 5th January, for 60 days.
MARCHE. from 5th January, until 1st March.
LAZIO. from 5th January, for 6 weeks.
UMBRIA.  from 5th January, for 60 days.
ABRUZZO.  from 5th January, until 5th March.
MOLISE. from 5th January, for 60 days.
CAMPANIA.  from 2nd January, until 28th February.
PUGLIA.  from 5th January until 28th February.
BASILICATA.  from 5th January, for 60 days.
CALABRIA.  from 5th January until 28th February.
SICILIA.  from 2nd January until 15th March.
SARDEGNA.  from 5th January, for 60 days.

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