About us

Nickname: Paul Smith

Profile: A past between versions of Latin and Greek, a passion for ancient Greek elegant style. A continuous looking for “Γνῶθι σεαυτόν” made him understand that “you really know yourself after a party where you gave your best.” A Degree in Economy and an obsessed searching for elegance in details … also Miranda Priestly’s turn head around, although much better a dinner with Anne Hathaway!!

Behind a detail there’s a world to discover … .. Live a colourful life… Paint in stripes your days and in polka dot your dreams!

Nickname: Becky B.

Profile: As a child she dreamt of living in New York and she knew all the capitals of the USA … the dream of a journey inflamed her passion for languages, then the Comunication university. She wasn’t been able to visit the USA … but she’s sure  it will happens soon. If you want you can make it!

She strongly believes in shopping therapy: there is nothing better than a new item in your wardrobe to find the good mood again! She loves shopping … but she hates ostentation and a superficial life… “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Nickname: Steve Bing

Profile: Graduate in Economy with a passion for shopping, he works in marketing and communication field, but not only. He writes articles about fashion, but not only. He gives advices to friends and family about shopping…..but not only.
Without any fear of online frauds, he buys online in Italy, UK, France, Germany and Ireland.

Nickname: Renton

Profile: Choose your lifestyle; choose a job; choose a career; choose a kick-ass flat screen television; choose to spend your money online.
He is this kind of person….and more! Graduate in Banking Economy, he is a tennis fan; he loves the world of fashion and he would like to live in London. One of his favourite movies is “The Devil wears Prada”.

Nickname: Piola

Profile: When she was a child, she dreamt of being an air hostess; but then, a degree in foreign languages and the entrance in the world of communication changed everything. Travel has always remained a strong passion. Her latest voyage? Myanmar! But her most beautiful journey is her little boy Alessandro. She has another great passion (or maybe it’s a mania): design!

Nickname: Jake Anderson

Profile: A Degree in Communication and a Master in Management, he is a web and e-commerce passionate, he loves cinema and the United States of America. Versatility and dynamism are its main strengths.
He always recommends online shopping to be in step with the times….Hi-Tech is cool!